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 Lookin’ for a “MacGyver” HVAC Installer to Save the Day 

You have a knack for making the impossible… well, possible. You’re a master troubleshooter. There’s no problem you can’t untangle. You’re calm under pressure and WON’T fold like a lawn chair when the going gets tough. Nothin’ flusters you.

Crawling around in hot attics and other small spaces? You’re cool as a cucumber.

Working under a tight timeline? No sweat. Being “on time” is your thing.

Difficult conversations? You diffuse ‘em with the tact of a diplomat.

Yes, you’re a rock of dependability.

Most importantly, you live your life with integrity and honor. You were brought up to be humble. And you believe saying “yes, sir,” and “yes, ma’am” is a proper show of respect.

If you’re a MacGyver-like problem-solver, then Simmons One Hour Heating & Air has the career opportunity for you. I’m Derek Cole and I need an HVAC Installer on my team, right now.

Show me that you’re the guy or gal I’m lookin’ for.

Your salary starts around $35 to $50K.

You’ll have bonuses.

You’ll LOVE it here and never want to leave.

Our team is our family. That’s why I believe you and your family should have:

Year round work, our service base provides us with more than enough work to keep you busy 12 months of the year

Provide cell phone, uniforms program

Pay continuing education

Family environment, we treat each other like family and have a full open door policy

Medical - A portion of the employee premium is paid by the company for the Medical

We provide over 52 hours per year of training, this keeps you up to date on the best practices and newest ideas out there, enabling you to earn the most and provide for your family

48 paid holiday hours!

401(K) with company matching

I’ve got no time for: whiners, freeloaders, gossipers, criminals or liars. No one with a sense of entitlement either.

You’ve gotta be: friendly, considerate, trustworthy and punctual. Oh, you’ve gotta be willing to be silly. Fun is a part of our daily life ‘round here.

Not to mention, l also need you to…

Pass a thorough background check

Have a valid driver’s license

Be slightly finicky about shiny shoes, pressed pants, and tucked-in shirttails

Follow instructions to a “T”

Bring a “whatever it takes” attitude, and a willingness to be a team player

Got that resume handy? No need. I probably won’t read it anyways. Shoot me an email instead. Tell me why you check all the boxes. Better yet… give me some examples of how you “saved the day” with your elite troubleshooting skills. I need to know you’ve got what it takes.

But heads up: I’m only readin’ your email if you write “MacGyver’s here to save the day!” in the subject line. Otherwise, I’m pushin’ the delete button, and movin’ on for good. (Yep, you guessed it… followin’ instructions is your first test.)

So what are you waiting for?

Clock’s tickin’. Send me that email already, will ya? I want to talk to you today.

Derek Cole

Owner, Simmons One Hour

11780 McColl Road

Laurinburg, NC 28352

Lookin’ for a “MacGyver” HVAC Installer to Save the Day

Lookin’ for a “MacGyver” HVAC Installer to Save the Day

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